Mark Mead

Hey 👋 I'm a Full Stack Developer at Wiro (Shopify Agency).

I spend most of my time working on Shopify themes that have a frontend powered by Tailwind CSS and Alpine JS. However, I have my eyes on Svelte 👀

When I'm not working with Shopify I'll be found using Vue (Nuxt), React (Next) and some Ruby on Rails when backend development is needed.

Where you can find me online.

🐦 Twitter @itsmarkmead

🐊 GitHub @markmead

🏖️ CodePen @markmead

I'm currently hacking away on two open source projects for Tailwind CSS developers.

🎨 Hypercolor

A curated collection of beautiful Tailwind CSS gradients using the full range of Tailwind CSS colors. Easily copy and paste the code or save the gradients as an image.

Hypercolor Website

Hypercolor GitHub

🧱 HyperUI

A collection of accessible and responsive components styled with Tailwind CSS. All of the components have been written with minimal Tailwind CSS to keep the HTML easy to read.

HyperUI Website

HyperUI GitHub

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