Alpine JS Directive to Render Money in Shopify

How to render money in Shopify with Alpine JS.

If you're working with the Shopify API and Alpine JS then there might be times you write some HTML like this:

<p x-text="$store.variant.selected.price"></p>

This is getting the variant store from Alpine JS and returning the price of the selected object.

For reference, the store might look something like this:'variant', {
  selected: null,

When using the Alpine JS directive x-text you can no longer use the Liquid filters like price | money or price | money_with_currency which is a shame as they provide an easy to use and read way of using the currency in Shopify.

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Alpine JS Shopify Money Directive

We can replicate this in Alpine JS with a custom directive:

I've created an Alpine JS directive called x-money that converts an integer into a formatted price.

Alpine JS Money

There are options you can pass but in the context of Shopify we can use the .shopify modifier which will look for the window.Shopify object.

<p x-money.shopify="$store.variant.selected.price"></p>

And it's as easy as that.