HAML vs HTML for Ruby on Rails

Here are my thoughts on HAML vs HTML, with some helpful notes.

This is an old post that I have updated, I no longer use Ruby on Rails.

Why would you want to use HAML when ERB is so great? In short, HAML is a faster way to write HTML... But does that make it better?

Let's look at some examples.

Speed Test


<section class="banner">
  <h1 class="banner__title">Title</h1>

  <a href="/about" class="button primary"> Link </a>


  %h1.banner__title Title

  %a.button.primary(href="/about") Link

I can confirm that the HAML example to less time to write.

Uf you're interested in writing code fast, HAML might be the solution for you.

Readability Test




%div{ data: { controller: "map", map_initial_lat_value: "123456", map_initial_long_value: "654321" } }

I think it's clear that HTML wins this one, the HAML code is difficult to read.

Readability Test (Tailwind CSS)

With the popularity of Tailwind CSS this test seems important.


  .max-w-5xl.mx-auto.px-4.py-24(class="sm:px-6 lg:px-8")
      Hello World

I'm not bothering with a HTML example for this one, it's obvious that the HAML code is difficult to read and that a HTML version would be better.

My Thoughts

I wouldn't use HAML.

I've used it on a few projects in the past and they were never fun to come back to a month down the line and the code becomes incredibly messy, especially when using Tailwind CSS.

It's also worth considering the impact of using HAML when onboarding new developers, it's safe to assume most developers would have used HTML, but how many have used HAML?

However, if you want to use HAML here are some handy notes.

How to Use HAML in Ruby on Rails

Simply change .html.erb to .html.haml, and you're set.

However, if you need to convert an existing Ruby on Rails application to HAML you can use haml-rails. This will convert all .html.erb files to .html.haml.

Additionally, it will set the default view file template to HAML, meaning Ruby on Rails generators like rails g scaffold will create .html.haml files.

How to Write HAML


/ Single line comment


-# Comment that won't show up in the HTML


/ <div> tag

/ <div> tag with a class

/ <section> tag with an id and a class

/ <a> tag with HTML attributes
%a(href="/" target="_blank" data-turbo="false")
%a{ href: "/", target: "_blank", data: { turbo: false } }

/ <h1> tag with single line of content
%h1 Hello World

/ <p> tag with multi line of content
  Hello world, how are you today? I'm doing just fine, especially when I'm writing HAML.

/ <h1> tag with <br> inside it

/ <h1> tag with a non-HTML element inside it

Ruby on Rails

/ Variable with default attribute
- bg_color = local_assigns.fetch(:bg_color, "#000")

/ Dynamic content
%h1= @project.title

/ Dynamic content with static content
%p Written by #{@project.author_name}

/ HTML content (usually from a WYSIWYG)
  != @project.body

/ Loop
- @project.tags.each do |tag|
  %span= tag

/ Conditional content (if/else)
- if @project.author_image?
  = image_tag(@project.author_image)
- else
  = image_pack_tag("default-author.png")

/ Partial
= render("comments/form", project_id: @project.id)

/ Form
= form_with(model: @project, local: true) do |f|
  = f.text_field(:title)
  = f.button("Save project", class: "button success")

/ Link
= link_to("View project", project_path(project), class: "link")

And there we have it, that's HAML. You might be thinking...

Wait, is that it?

And if you are, then great, HAML clicks for you, but if you aren't thinking that then don't worry, HTML is more popular.