How to Schedule Vercel Deploys [2021]

There's been a few cases where I have needed scheduled deploys, the most recent was on my new websites:

Learn Ruby on Rails

This uses the Gumroad API to fetch all my products and then converts them to GraphQL. The issue with this is that if I update a product on Gumroad, I need to redeploy on Vercel so the app can redo the GraphQL data.

I could just not use GraphQL but the Gumroad API returns a lot of data when I only need at most 5 things.

Adding a Deploy Hook to Vercel

This is simple, as all things are with Vercel.

Head on over to where name is your Vercel username and project is the name of your Vercel project.

There you can create a Deploy Hook.

Simply add the name of your hook, I call mine "Deploy" and set the branch you wish to deploy, typically master or main.

Copy the URL it provides.

Adding a Secret Key to GitHub

Next we need to add the unique ID at the end of the URL provided by Vercel into the GitHub repository for the Vercel project.

Head on over to where name is your GitHub username and project is the name of your GitHub repository.

Create a new repository secret and name it:


Then set the value to the unique ID of the URL provided by Vercel:

Click Add Secret and that's that.

Adding a GitHub Action to Trigger Vercel Deploys

In your GitHub repository make a file .github/workflows/scheduled-deploy.yml at the root of the application.

In this file add the following:

name: Scheduled deploy
    - cron: '0 */8 * * *'
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - name: Trigger our build webhook on Vercel
        run: curl -X POST "${TOKEN}"
          TOKEN: ${{ secrets.VERCEL_DEPLOY_HOOK }}

Push that to master and that's it. You now have scheduled deploys to Vercel.

This setup will deploy every 8 hours on the hour, if you need to change this you'd update the following line:

- cron: '0 */8 * * *'

If you need help finding timings, then the Crontab Guru website is your best friend.